Windmill Press 10 x 15 and accessories

Windmill Letterpress in great running condition.. This 10 by 15 Adast Graphopress is a Czechoslovakian built version of the German Heidelberg, operates the same and uses basically the same parts. This one was almost new when I got it in the ‘70s as it was in a shop with 6 Heidelbergs and the owner said his pressmen didn’t use it as it was “different”… and I have used it only a few hours since then in a hobby shop. Great for printing (has powder), numbering and folding/perfing and die cutting. Of course could be used with photo-polymer plates, or handcut lino cuts. Rollers are in good shape. 230 Volts single phase power.
Complete with manuals, two chases, some quoins and furniture, a bit of perfing rule, etc. more than a dozen numbering machines., twenty metal type trays, and a roll of tympan paper
It’s in my garage and I can lift onto a pallet but from there it’s your problem to move. Weight about 2400 pounds. Priced to sell at $1900. CAD

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image: IMG_20210219_131621.jpg


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