Roller Identification Windmill GT 13×18

I’m trying to recover a Windmill GT 13x18. It was missing all its rubber rollers and a number of other components, but I feel that I’m close enough to the finish line to ask you this question without wasting your time.

I’ve bought some cores and trucks online on eBay to have them restored. I guess what I thought I had bought were

• 4 vibrator and distributor rollers (i.e., GT 0908) and
• 3 inking/form rollers (i.e., GT 0902)

I just received them but they all seem to be form rollers – the inking rollers should not have the same spindle length as my vibrator/distributor rollers. I measured them out (see the attachment - I have all the measurements in this PDF file downloadable from my dropbox

Do these look familiar to you? (In other words, am I right?) And if I’ve bought all form rollers, does anyone know where I might get the four vibrator/distributor rollers for the Windmill GT?

image: RubberRollerDimensions_Page_1.png


image: RubberRollerDimensions_Page_2.png


image: RubberRollerDimensions_Page_3.png


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Just in case anyone had the same issue that I did (and for archival purposes), the old and new rollers that were sold to me as vibrator/distributor rollers turned out to be form/inking rollers. The two types of rollers are *not* identical on the Windmill GT. However, Fritz Klinke at NA Graphic sent me to Heidelberg in Georgia, who then recommended Whittenburg Inc. - and they had the correct rollers.
Non-worn-out inking roller bearers for the GT are also pretty difficult to find, so I’m having a machinist turn 3 pairs out for me from Delrin rods. Please contact me if you need the 2D and/or CAD drawings. I’d be happy to share.
The same goes for the stainless steel journals that accommodate the vibrator/distributor rollers. I’d be happy to share those, too.

image: sides.png


image: topfront.png


image: right.png


image: back.png