Heidelberg Windmill Gripper Bar Opening Dimension?

I’ve been having a problem with gripper bar springs breaking,
and I think the previous owner may have the gripper bars opening to wide. Can anybody tell me the opening dimension of the gripper bar when it is in the vertical position, so I can check to see if that is the problem?

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I don’t know the measurement but I ran for 4 years years with broken springs. I was sort of afraid to the replace the grippers for fear I would never get the timing right. When I did replace the grippers I decide to start with less gap since I felt the gap opening had broken the prior springs. I started with less gap and a 18pt stock. Little by little I found the sweat spot for good register and pickup and also delivery. I test ran 100 sheets of stock though a few times to sure my register was perfect and have never had a problem.

I am running a lot of 60# text weight right now, and just putting a lot of perfs in them(9 tear out tickets on 8.5 x 11), running commercial register. The arm with the 2 broken springs is letting the paper cock a little and every other sheet is off I have already added tape to offending gripper bar to no avail. I just ordered 2 new gripper bars and want to get them set up right so I don’t break the springs to soon. If I run heavier stock (100# cover) I don’t have a register problem.