Oil in Hoses and Blowers - Heidelberg Windmill

Hey all,

I’m having an issue with oil inside my pump system on my 10x15. I see it pool in the low curves of my hoses, so I empty those periodically. It also comes out of my delivery blowers and my feed table side blowers. It’s not always a big deal, but if I forget to wipe down my surfaces I can lose prints. The side blower on my feeding table (wild side of paper stack only) can leave a greasy streak all down the edge of my new unprinted stock. We print a lot of paper cut to final size, so this can be an issue.

Any methods out there to clean out the system and remove the oil? Any ideas where it’s originating so I can stop having oil get into the hoses and blowers in the first place?

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How heavily are you oiling the air pump?
Probably have to dissassemble the pump to clean, then use a wire, with a small cloth on the end, to run thru the lines. use some acetone and an air supply to clean out the small openings of the blowers. Wear some old clothes and open the windows. It can be a real messy job,

In addition to what Eric said what are you oiling the pump with and how. You may be able to remove the bottom air line, not the oil line, and see if any oil will drain out. Another idea is to turn off the power, remove the bottom air line, with the power off lock the press on impression and hand turn the press to see if you can force any excess oil out I have to look and see but I thought there was a drain screw on the pump but I might be wrong.

Once the oil and it’s film is in the lines, the only “Really for sure” solution is to physically clean the system out. I agree that if draining the pump is easier then do it, but, it really needs a good cleaning, then just a bit of oil, VERY sparingly.