Heidelberg Windmill repair in Pacific Northwest?

We’re looking for someone to help with in-person repair on a 1954 Heidelberg Windmill in Astoria, Oregon.

Does anyone know of any skilled repair person in Portland or elsewhere nearby that might be able to come and work on the press?

Details about the issue we’re having can be found here: http://briarpress.org/discussion/74

We’ve tried some troubleshooting but are still having an issue with the press only picking up every other sheet.

Any leads or contact info. would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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I am in Portland. If I can be assistance, you are welcome to call me, 503-232-1477.
Robert B”

One thing I never saw mentioned in the feeds you have about this was checking the main hoses. Over time hoses crack and connections can weaken. While being moved a hose could have reseated. The simplest thing to check is sometimes the last thing we check. While most likely not the whole cause of you problem a loss a air or suction at any point will create an issue