Chandler & Price Pilot Press 6 X 10

I purchased this vintage Chandler & Price Pilot Press 6 x 10 from Don K. Black Linecasting Service in Ontario in 2006. Unfortunately I never used it and am now looking to sell. Can anyone offer any guidance on pricing, purchased for $1,700.00 but don’t know what it might be worth now. Thanks in advance for any guidance or interest.
Martha Goupit-Brooklyn, New York

image: 831BEC00-8805-4A23-9D2D-5390AD05E63B.jpeg


image: 2766A9C5-95BC-48B7-9060-CC2F41A40CD5.jpeg


image: 4CFF30A5-D84D-4820-9A28-6E86D192EA16.jpeg


image: 184D697E-3D95-4FED-90C0-396817EE6075.jpeg


image: 60C92539-8AD9-4567-8B2C-838DA6AC5F90.jpeg


image: EEB863A8-D76D-49B1-9114-90DE019337D7.jpeg


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Do a Google search for “C&P Pilot press for sale” and some will come up. Of course, those are asking prices. Who knows what they actually sell for. Since you are in a big city, you might get lucky and find a local buyer.