Roller measurements for a Model 1 Improved

I have a Daughaday Model 1 Improved that is missing its rollers. I need the measurements of the core and the length and height of the rubber rollers so I can have them made. My press is a table top version with the fun balls. It is not as old as the one pictured in this site, I think it was made in the early 1900’s and painted a dull green/grey.
Also, while I’m here, does anyone have a spare hinge pully, the thing that makes the platten go around, for a C & P Old Style 8 x 12. The one I have broke in half, I’m going to try glueing it back together with a metal glue.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Before you glue it you might want to consider taking to a welding shop and have them braze it back together. If you put anything on it they probably won’t even consider doing it. Brazing is the way to go…

Thanks, I will do that.

I know the post is old.. i have the same press, any idea what they are worth? i also have some extra rollers///

We are currently parting out an 8x12 O.S. C & P. Please advise as to what a “platten hinge pully” might be and we might be able to help you. Thank you.

That’s an interesting little press. There is some info on the company that made them in Elizabeth Harris’ book Personal Impressions. You can view the pages on Google Books here:

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I have the same model that is missing rollers, did anyone have dimensions for them or does jeffaudis still have rollers?

I also need trucks and cores.