Hello everyone,i am interested in buying gtp in good condition and there is only one problem yesterday that we tried to turn on the machine because for a long time they did not work with it, that I pull the operating handle the clutch does not connect the flywheel, I have to pull another four inches for the machine to start moving, Did anybody know what the problem is And what the solution

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Don’t take this the wrong way, have you ever run a windmill before? On a 10 x 15 when the clutch is in - close to the press -(disengaged) the flywheel runs but the press does not. Pushing out and giving a slight twist and releasing a little outward pressure and the drive arm rest’s on the bracket stop - this runs the press . Reversing the process stop’s the drive function. I am not sure how the drive setup is on the GT, but pulling the handle as you stated would shut the 10 x 15 off not make it run. From what you are saying it sounds like it is working but you are not sure how to make it run - no offense intended.

Here’s a youtube video of a GT that shows the press operator engaging the clutch.
Pretty simple if it’s operating OK. Good luck.