help identifying

Hi… opportunity knocks !! Could you please help me by identifying this press…. as there is no cast brand name on the press. It seems in fine condition, and i am quite interested in buying it.

image: 130764879_10224358941698077_2740500865718659453_n.jpg


image: 130843010_10224358908737253_642112941445648012_n.jpg


image: 130537048_10224358909257266_8651024177279979893_n.jpg


image: 130308272_10224358904857156_2649788701822417212_n.jpg


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I’d say that’s not a Hohner pilot clone. The Hohner clones are far more similar to a Pilot than this press. There is actually one listed on Briar Press classifieds right now (located in seattle, I believe.)

This model seems more similar to a “Boston tiegel” given its platen adjustment and base design. Can’t say for sure what the model would be, though…

That is a Young America press manufactured by Joseph Watson. I’ve also seen it called a “secretary press”. This is the one in Kimberly Wisconsin, correct? Im only 25 miles away, at one point I was tempted to buy this for the other accessories they are including in the sale, as the lady did not want to break up the lot. Good luck! If you’re in my area let me know, I’d love to meet other printers.

Thanks to all…. and yes BComstock… that is the one in Kimberly. I’ll be driving 4 hrs tomorrow to see it, and maybe buy it. Is there anything i should know/check about this press ?? How does it compare to the original Pilot, or a good clone like the Hohner ??

Unfortunately I have never printed with any press other than my personal C&P. I just knew what it was since it is local to me and I had done some research on it. Full disclosure I was mostly interested in the other items that are bundled with it.

Chase appears to be in the 6x10 range, looks to be a really solid press. Even that stand it is on looks pretty nice. Pierosoleil, good luck on the potential purchase!