Hello friends, I have paper bags with handles, and I need to stamp gold foil on them, is it possible to do it with Heidelberg 10/15
I tried before and the handle was caught on the sucker

image: 062E84EA-8B95-4B75-BBFF-6743272BFA6A.jpeg


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Yes, tf there’s a will there’s a way. No guides and tape up the suckers where the handles slide along. Very slow run, low heat and it looks like a lot of make ready.
Good luck!

I hot stamp a lot of shopping bags but I hand feed them on a Kluge model N from the 1940’s with all the automatic feed system removed, so I can’t help you with trying to use an auto feed system with those handles sticking out. That has always seemed problematic to me. But if you need advice on the makeready, I’d be glad to help.