Inheriting a Heidelberg Windmill part 2

Ok, I was able to get in the warehouse and check it out. It’s probably been sitting for 20 years but in a dry and conditioned place. It’s mine if I can move it.

What things will certainly need to be replaced and what will probably need work or replacement? I’ve ran smaller C&P’s but never a windmill. I’ve always wanted to.

My dream for this would be to take it and get it running in a space that could welcome kids in inner city public school art classes to come in and at least begin to get familiar with a valuable trade that may die in their lifetime if not passed on. Would love input on this condition and the work cut out for me here! Thanks.

image: 9F4D0180-2FDE-460D-9B60-3D5A9001882A.jpeg


image: 2C72BEFE-08F6-45BD-8FDA-660B9E56D195.jpeg


image: 3D52094E-1491-434B-9974-6700C9AC1313.jpeg


image: 3CD1DF91-A684-459B-BD1E-BFEA15847A70.jpeg


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A combination (equal parts) lemon juice and vinegar, plus a lot of “Elbow Grease”, will materially reduce the rust when applied gently with some steel wool. Wipe DRY or the area will rust again; rub with light oil.
The areas on those rollers look to be decomposed roller gunk. Try various things to see what will make it budge, before you try scraping (scraping will probably scratch the chrome plating on the rollers, so be very chary of being too enthusiastic).
To turn over a press that’s been sitting for so long, I’d start with some light, penetrating oil, leave it sit for a day or so, and then oil it heavily with the correct weight of oil. Be sure to get ALL the oil points, especially the big red cups on the toggle, inside, and all the pressure gun fittings, too.
Some of us that read this journal will gladly coach you on moving this marvelous piece of machinery,

From the pictures this is the press that I thought it was. I took 3 Vandercook’s and many cases of wood type out of the same room a couple of years ago. At that time they still had power to it, and I heard it run. The only real problem it had was the rollers has all melted into goo. And the fact that it was going to be hard to get it loaded out of that building. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely keep you all posted. CLPX2, so YOU got the Vandercooks!? Well done. Are you running a shop in OKC? I’m looking for all the coaching I can get. Spoke to Don Tucker at capitol press recently and he’s the only resource in the area I know of. Thanks!