Strong wooden stand for a ‘table-top’ press…?

I need to have a strong wooden stand made for an old Hopkinson and Cope ‘table-top’ Albion press. If anyone has a ‘table-top’ heavy iron press mounted on such a wooden frame/stand, would you be willing to send me a photo (or three) please? I need to give our cabinet-maker a rough idea of the finished product. THANK YOU

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This is a tabletop Albion on a special stand. I don’t have any photos of Albions on tables, but several photos of other tabletop presses similar in size.

(North American Hand Press Database photos)

image: 1030 Keight Foolscap Albion BP 2.jpg

1030 Keight Foolscap Albion BP 2.jpg

This is a similar-size modern wooden hand press on a somewhat lower table/base.

image: Bobcat.jpg


We have a Hopkinson & Finsbury Albion on a platform of the style in Bob’s first photo. I can try to take some measurements of it if that is the style you want to use.

John Johnson

Dear John and Bob, Very many thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply to my request. The stand for Bob’s beautiful Albion is strikingly similar to another stand I’ve seen. I think I’ve enough information now to brief a cabinet maker and I’ll be able to take accurate measurements directly off the press - THANK YOU.

Gordon, where is the press? I would like to add it to whichever of my hand press databases, European or North American, it belongs in. Although I have not collected actual presses, I have records for over 1230 North American hand presses of all types, and over 610 European hand presses, with photos and platen and bed measurements recorded, and yours should be among them.

Bob Oldham
Printing Technology Historian

I have one like the first picture that Bob posted. Here are the details of the wooden stand. I think this is the original stand. I sent Gordon these dimensions, but maybe he didn’t receive my email.

Drag it to your desktop if it is too small to see. We are working on Briar Press Version 6, so we will make the images bigger!

Elizabeth Nevin
Briar Press

image: albion_stand.jpg


Dear Elizabeth,
I’m so grateful for this very useful set of dimensions - THANK YOU. Finding a competent cabinet-maker is our biggest challenge - they are all very busy at the moment. I’ll post a photo here in a month or three to show whatever we managed to have had made for us. Thank you again. Gordon - Cambridge, UK