A mammoth question

How much would I expect to pay for mammoth furniture? Any ideas?

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Made from bone presumably?

Is this the furniture you’re referring to? The answer is not very much. I’d cut my own dieboard before I’d use that stuff. Who knows, it may be collectible.

image: mammoth.jpg


Hello Sea Wolf, a few weeks back some of this Mammoth Furniture sold on ebay. There were 20 large pieces and 14 smaller pieces that sold for $262.00. The larger pieces were hard for me to come by when I was looking for them. I’m sure tons of it went to the melting pot. But when you want it… good luck. It’s around, you just have to find it. Most people don’t don’t even know it exists. It is the only way to go…at least for me. It’s accurate and true to size. Save hours of labor in setups. The auction on ebay was under “vintage letterpress printing metal furniture” they didn’t even Mammoth. Don’t give up…it’s out there. Bud

I would check with these letterpress warehouses, http://www.letterpressthings.com/ or https://buyletterpress.com/

I have used my Mammoth furniture where ever I can in preference to wood to cut down on many smaller pieces and to provide a more solid lockup. My first piece I bought new as a teenager from a dealer in San Francisco during the 1950s and I bought a number of pieces off eBay several years ago. It’s great stuff.