Letterpress equipment under the ax

Two auctions next week have numerous Heidelberg platens and cylinders along with support equipment such as furniture cabinets, imposing stones, chases, hand set type, and much more. The auctions are the F. P. Horak Co. in Bay City, Michigan and the Windmill Press in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

The auctions are conducted on line by Thomas Industries at thomasauction.hibid.com/auctions/. Often this equipment is overlooked by the auctioneer because they concentrate on the web fed presses, multi-color sheet feds and now days the digital presses. These are advertised to the printing industry and not the letterpress audience like on briarpress. The auctioneers are after big ticket items like the jazzy big presses and do not even know what they are selling, or even care. A lot of good equipment is going under the ax.

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