Die cutting on Windmill

Questions about die cutting on Windmill 10x15.
1) My die cutting jacket is measured 0.83mm or 0.033” thick and the die is just type high. Should I add packing sheets under die cut jacket or die? Or packing above the jacket? How much should I add?

2) What should I do to avoid damage by wrong height?

Thanks for any suggestion.

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You could back the impression way off, then bring it up slowly to find a starting point. You will want to find a balance between impression and packing.

image: WindmillPlatenImp.jpg


I usually start with 3 sheets of 70# book. Eric’s illustration is correct. Back way off, and bring it up, pulling an impression each half-turn or so. All the packing goes underneath the jacket. Low spots can be built up using steel shim tape (from NA Graphics) behind the die. For longer runs though, use spot makeready under the jacket. Lock your impression ring, or it will ‘creep’ one way or the other during your run. There, that’s my 50 years of die-cutting knowledge!

Thanks @ericm and @bppayne for helpful information. Having more try with fun.