Unusual large, slanted, electroplated(?) typeface

Hi friends, I’m trying to sell off some of our assets as we close our community printmaking studio. I was handed-down this set of type from my mentor who has since passed away; I’ve never seen anything like it, and haven’t been able to find anything similar in online searches. Thought this would be the best place to share to see if anyone has any knowledge about something like this!

image: 20220112_111903.jpg


image: 20220112_111750.jpg


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It was usual for the makers of wood type to make Italic and script faces on a slope; there otherwise would have been no way to close up the letters to remove the (involuntary ) letterspacing that resulted! Alternatives included mortising individual characters, by saw. Foundry type practices included kerns (fragile) and Angle Body (ATF) or Offset Body (BB&S). Ludlow had angled matrices, and sticks or end quads and italic spacing to take care of this problem.
Nice to see a nearly-new font of wood type!

The low part of the face looks to be type metal or lead, routed lower. Those are probably electrotypes mounted on wood, ut whether created by a manufacturer or by an electrotyper is hard to say. They do not look to have much relief between the face and the shoulder. Sawing out the blocks at an angle like that is tricky and may indicate that a production operation was involved.