I want your pied or worn type

I am looking for roughly 100lbs of LEAD TYPE, all sizes, any condition. Leading and spacing are welcome too. This is for a non-print art installation, so I do NOT wish to dismember an intact/usable/valuable font.

Do you have a scrap bucket awaiting recycling? Drawers of pied fonts that will never feel the kiss of ink again? Partial fonts that have simply reached their expiration date? I would love to get them out of the dark and put them out to pasture.

When the covid-crisis settles down a bit more, I will plan a (north-east-usa/south-east-canada) pilgrimage to visit printshops and pick-up what anyone has to offer.

I’m willing to pay something between zero dollars and a number higher than zero… what’s it worth to you? (My local scrap guys are paying $.75/lb)

I wish I had this idea before Don Black closed, since I’m in Toronto!! I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. Does anyone know what happened to all that lead?

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