Wondering what is going price 22x30 Kluge

Hi, I’m new on here. I have a couple 10x15 and 13x18 presses in my shop. All old presses but was looking at a newer 22x30 EGH Kluge foiler / diecutter to add to my arsenal. I know they aren’t cheap but I can’t find a base price or used price. Anybody in the industry know what a 5 or 6 year old press should run for? I can’t find anything online to even know where to start or barter a price. I was quoted $150,000 today for a 6 year old press? Anybody know if that sounds right?

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that sounds about right. Many of these presses are low hours. you really want the 30” kluge? there are not that many around. I have worked on one near me, and they somewhat problematic. i have a 14x22 here for $10,000.00. You can call Bill in parts or Kevin in service at Kluge to asdk them more about this. 800-826-7320 https://www.kluge.biz/foil-stamping/ehg-series-22-x-30/


I didnt end up picking it up because it was in Canada. Is it just the foilers thay are problematic or is the diecutter good? I’m looking at the EHF fully remanufacturwd by Kluge but its pretty pricey. I only am thinking about goign with them because I havnt ran a Kluge before and I dont want to end up with somebody else’s problem. I was only looking at tje bigger Kluge because I have a Heidelberg cylinder I use for bigger diecutting and I thought it owidk be better if I could foil and diecut. I do a lot of trade work for local print shops and im trying to grow. I figure after I run a new Kluge with no problems I’d know what I was looking at if and when I grow bigger and can pick them up used. Do you have any recommendations on which I way i should go. Or if there is guys out there that would be able to help me find a really nice used EHF. I like the option of the foil draw not being mechanical so I can save on foil material. Also do you know of the EHF model is good? I am new to Kluge machines but some of the options sound like they’d help alot.

The EHF is a very dependable machine. It is based on the EHD but on steroids. I have an EHE which is the precurser to this press. It can do amazing jobs with the extra power it has. The electric foil draw is very dependable and can “Step” the foil easily. I would ask for a “Standard” magazine as the “Continuous Feed” is a bit problematic and really only pays off when running very long runs or very thick stock. As far as pricing. I am asking $35k for mine. The press you are looking at, with a fresh rebuild would prob be $65-$80k. (possibly up to $90k). Then there is the moving and peripheral and support parts. For some reason, I thought you were inquiring about the BIG 30” press. Stay away from that one.

I was inquiring about the 30 at first but decided on the 14x22. The EHE that you are selling, does it have the adjustable impression, I like that option as I was reading what the EHF has to offer?

No. My press does not have the crank impression adjustment. I simply ad another sheet of packing. Unless well maintained the Crank adjustable impression can result in problems with the bolts breaking. Mine is an EHE.

Good to know. This forum is great for imformation and help. Is there any way we can exchange numbers or emails. I don’t know the exact rules on here and don’t want to break any. You selling and working on these machines, I’d like to build a business relationship if possible.