Moving and painting my c & p 10x15, RI - CT

I just purchased a new style c&p press (see attached photo).
Can anybody recommend (hopefully same company) somebody to pick it up and paint/restore it for me (there is one gripper bar missing)
The press is located in RI and I’m in CT
Thanks for any input

image: 1559_12.JPG.jpg

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There is a fellow named Greg Timko, who can both move and restore your press. He is a veritable encyclopedia of press machines, and he has a full rigging operation as well. He will have no problem taking care of your needs.

You can reach him at:

GT Graphic Service & Supply
50C Rocky Point Road, Rocky Point NY 11778
Phone: (631) 821-1905 Fax: (631) 821-1908

Tell him Jason from NYC sent you.

My press has one original gripper and one made from an old piece of adjustable curtain rod. It’s been on there, and working, for 32 years that I’m aware of.

Thanks Jason and Kevin!
I’ll call Greg for a quote.

You should be able to buy new grippers either from NA Graphics or American Printing Equipment & Supply Co. NA Graphics can also supply you with the new rollers which you will surely need.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

thanks for your advise! I did contact NA Graphics, so hopefully that’ll work out.
Just trying to get quotes for the move now, hope I won’t faint when i get them.

Have you found anyone to do the work on your machine?, I live in RI and have done machine repairs and some moving, if you do not find anyone feel free to e-mail me. This is not my full time job but would be willing to look at your situation