Foil Stamp on C&P Pilot

OK. I’m not sure how far out in left field this question is but… Is it possible to foil stamp using a C&P Pilot, instead of a foil stamp machine? Anyone know anything about cold foil stamping?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t think so, and cold foil stamping does not exist or thats what I was told when I asked my boss this (I work in a bookbindery)

You need heat to release the foil from the backing, theres not enough pressure and you might have a problem with the way a platen press vs. a stamper actually puts the pressure on the leather or cloth.

But who knows.

It is possible to hot stamp using a pilot press, but you will need some means of heating the image plate to 250 to 350 degrees F., as well as some means of getting a new piece of foil in front of the image plate at each impression. For one-up or short runs one could tape a piece of stamping foil in place with drafting tape.

Cold foil stamping is done by printing an image using a special adhesive. The piece is then nipped with a transfer foil which bonds to the areas which have been adhesive treated. The two pieces are then separated, and the foil stays where the adhesive holds it. This is generally done with flexographic equipment, but I assume similar materials would work in a hand process if they could be obtained.

JHenry, thanks for the most helpful reply. I’m still open for more comments if anyone has direct experience. I’ll post again with some results if I decide to attempt this.

Hi, for gold and silver effects we used dusting powders. For gold we printed the image with yellow ink and then handed it off to another who dusted the image with a cotton swab through a mask and laid them on a drying rack. For silver we printed with white. Gold and silver inks were available but didn’t work too well and could have a weak and tarnished look. The dusted image can be struck dry for burnishing.
Thermography (poor man’s engraving) dust, was used with black ink, and gave a shiny raised image after dusting and heating.

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