Printing block made in Australia

I had a printing block made here. It was expensive! I have found companies in the US that can do it much more cheaply even after the exchange rate. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type high height is? and when getting a block made how much blank space should be left around the artwork?

Thanks heaps : ).

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Type high in Texas is .918, the heat index is close to 108º

You can get 1/4” on the relief if you needed it.

is .918 in inches? and what is heat index is close to 108°? thank you : ).

Yes, .918 inches and the Texas heat is so hot that it feels like 108º, just trying break the humor across the ocean.

hehehee - sorry - I am so caught up in learning the terminology I can’t see humour when it hits me in the face - how funny - thank you

Where did you get your block made, meaghan? I’ve been trying to find somewhere that makes printing blocks/plates, but with no luck.

Poppy-I have found a couple here in Melbourne, but have found that getting this work done in US was cheaper even after shipping and converting the $$ and as the AUS$ is doing so well at the moment it is a good time. Go to Owosso graphic and check out their offer of first die FREE!