Installing Trucks - C&P Pilot

Hello everyone! I bought a new set of rollers for my C&P Pilot a while back (from NA Graphics), but I’m just getting around to installing them now. However, I’m having issues getting the trucks from my old rollers back onto the new ones. They don’t slide on. I’ve been hammering them in, using oil to lubricate, etc. Now my trucks are starting to look a little beat up and sorrowful. Should I just give in and buy a new set of trucks? Is it normal to have this much trouble putting on trucks? They slide on and off the old roller rods just fine. I checked the sizing and it doesn’t seem off. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Are you using the delrin plastic trucks or metal?

Ah. From the old school of mechanics: “ifn’ it don’t fit, jest use a bigger hammer.” Anyway. Here’s hoping you’ve not marred the truck surface nor distorted its trueness. If such is found to be so - then, yes, buy new trucks. However, before throwing trucks to the scrap heap, take both trucks and rollers to a reputable machine shop and have them ream the trucks to fit the roller core ends. That’s ream, not drill. Once done, the trucks will slip-fit the core ends. And if need arises again, remember that using a softer metal to effect movement to a harder metal is a standard rule (ie. lead hammer on steel component); even then, precision equipment requires precision handling. And hammering the heck out of any machinery ain’t a good approach. In my opinion.

To continue….. If you are going to use those trucks for the old rollers as well, simply have the machine shop turn the roller ends to fit the trucks. But if the trucks are ruined……, well best fit trucks to new rollers.

Thank for the advice. The trucks are metal, and two of them slip on just fine. The other two just seemed to need some “help”. I tried hammering carefully to avoid misshaping them, but I think I may just get a new set. The ones I have appear pretty old and worn down, anyhow.