Replacement for Van Son Easy Street Roller Cleaner

Hi press community :)

I have just realized that Van Son has discontinued it’s Easy Street Roller Cleaner. A graphic supply company has said that Spinks Kwik-N-Easy Roller & Blanket Deglazer would be the go-to replacement for it. Has anyone tried this product out and can tell me if it’s a good replacement?

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I’m using Putz Pomade roller and blanket conditioner.
Spinks makes good products though, It’s worth a try.

Easy Street was the kind of supplementary cleaner you could use regularly, Hurst and Varn had equivalents, but Putz Pomade as I knew it contained abrasives that meant overuse = damage.
I used Putz weekly or as needed, but knew of a press operator who used it daily, and for color changes, and shortened roller life drastically.

Hmm, good to know for the Putz Pomade! Maybe I will try the Spinks Kwik-N-Easy and see how it goes since it would mostly be used frequently for the color changes.

Thanks everyone for the input!