Adana v. Kelsey

I recently purchased a Adana 5x8 and am just about ready to start my first project. From what I could tell, the Adana and the Kelsey table top presses are very similar at least in aesthetic design. While there are few Adana guides available online, I’ve found a bunch Kelsey guides, tips, suggestions. What I want to know is are there particularities to the Adana that I might be overlooking as to what sort of projects I can and can’t do?
Thank you.

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In my experience, the Adana is the better press. Smoother in action than the Kelsey, it has a lighter touch in the using. Any project considered for a Kelsey is easily done on an Adana. Ensure, though, that the two-step trucks are placed correctly, and watch out for that type-smashing lower guide. Although convenient at times - large cards, as example - that bar is best set aside for the most part. Regular tongue guage or glued-on reglet still serve best on the table top presses. Also, owing to its light weight, the Adana should be mounted securly to the bench. The aluminum parts mar easily so the press is somewhat more prissy than the cast-iron Kelsey. In my opinion.

Great, thanks for the advice, I’ll keep those tips in mind. I was hoping it would have greater pound/inch than the Kelsey but I figure it’s probably the same, as I was hoping to various linocuts.