cutting corners

Hi, I have a heidelberg t platen. I know that I can do die cutting with it, but can you purchase these die cuts made up for you, or is this something you would make yourself? I want to make cards with round corners. I can purchase a corner cutter - is this what people use these days? If I were to use the press what material do I use to make and mount to die? What do I use to protect the platen?

Look forward to your reply, m : ).

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A corner rounder will certainly do the job and is a lot cheaper as a single purchase item than specific dies and a steel jacket for your press. Though it may take a bit more time per job.


Cheers - thank you! : ).

Hi! I just got a desktop corner rounder myself (you can see it on, and it’s great! The particular one I have does .4” at a time, while the one my friend’s got (the model is on the blog) does .5” at a time. Beats those little corner rounder punches for sure!

That is exactly the one I was looking at! What size corner do you use? Great feedback - thank you!!! : ).

I have 1/4” corner die, but my friend loves the 1/2” corner one.