How to find beginner instruction or workshops?

Hi – I’m the new owner of a Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12 (a dream come true) and a *complete* novice. I eventually want to print social stationery on this press, but I have a lot (well, everything) to learn before I can do that.

What’s the best way to find an instructor, workshop, or classes for complete beginners? I’m in Biloxi, Mississippi but can travel a couple hours to southern Louisiana or southern Alabama if there’s something suitable there.

I did see a letterpress museum listed for Jackson, MS in the Briar Press Yellow Pages but can’t figure out the username needed to contact them…

I’d be really grateful for any advice on where to start. Thanks!

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And – are there any recommended books that I should get to start educating myself on the basics while I wait to find classes or instruction? I’d like to be getting prepared in some way…


Since you have a C&P the book Platen Press Operation by George J. Mills is an excellent starting point. But if you are new to letterpress I would supplement that with General Printing by Cleeton, Pitkin & Cornwell. Both of these books are available as reprints from NA Graphics.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you very much! I’ll get those.

I like General Printing — it was used in schools and you can find used copies pretty easily.

pepperinapress - The above suggestions are excellent, but there is nothing like watching an experienced printer or taking a class. There is a category in the Printer's Yellow Pages for Schools & Classes and one for Tutors. You can search by location and maybe you can find something appropriate in your area.

Hi Elizabeth – sorry for the delayed response, I couldn’t find the thread again!

Yes my absolute ideal (and original question) is finding someone to teach me in person. Ideas for books are just to go over the absolute basics, terminology, etc, while I wait to find the right course and/or teacher.

I searched through the Printer’s Yellow Pages but haven’t come up with anything that seems the right fit *and* close enough geographically yet.

The search continues!