Letterpress on display at the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota Newspaper Museum opens this morning for its 12-day at the Minnesota State Fair.

The museum presents the office and print shop of a 1930s-style weekly newspaper. We print a four-page newspaper, The Maynard News, on our Miehle flatbed two-revolution cylinder press, set type by hand and on a Linotype and Intertype, exhibit page make-up, fold the paper on our Mentges folder, and print free souvenir bookmarks, memo pads and other items in our job shop.

We are located a 1416 Cosgrove Street in one of the outside bays of the 4-H building, and are open 9 AM to 8 PM each day (closing at 6 PM on Labor Day). Admission is free to all fairgoers.

If there are any questions or comments, I will be checking this thread once or twice daily during the fair.

Mark K. Digre
Operations Coordinator
Minnesota Newspaper Museum

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Is there a website with pics? I fed a Miehle 4-2R connected to an Omaha folder for a daily six-pager in the mid-’70s, little change since their ’20s beginning.
The paper was Russian-language and what forced conversion to phototype and offset was lack of replacement mats for our Linotypes when the European second-hand mat market failed.
I saved the slitter and fly-fingers in this picture when the Miehle was scrapped, but after nearly 50 years stored in a damp basement….

image: Feeding_Miehle.jpg


There is the Friends of the Minnesota Newspaper Museum Facebook page, with (as I write) 719 photos including past years. The link is


Our Miehle is one of the smaller ones (size 1 PO), built in 1924.