Hogenforst Rapid II, is this an upgrade?


I own a tabletop press, a Hogenforst Boston-Tiegeldruckpresse “Stabil” II. See image. The inner size of my chase is 175x240mm / 6.9 x 9.4 inches. I am printing on maximum 5x7 paper. It’s working pretty ok, but sometimes struggle to get deeper impressions, which I am after. So I have been looking to upgrade to a pedal press. I have found this press for a good price. Pedal presses are very expensive in Europe, unfortunately. I am wondering if this really is an upgrade that will help me achieve this even though it’s just slightly larger than my table top press? Would this be a similar press to a C&P 8x12?
It’s a Hogenforst Rapid, inner chase size is 193x275mm / 7.59x10.8 inches.

Hoping for your input!

Thank you in advance,

image: 87B63BBC-77F2-4164-9DD5-03E403A511F2.jpeg


image: 629704C4-6F08-44AD-B755-51FD1742D4F1.jpeg


image: 8BA1B3BB-3B05-489C-BD93-077AAA6F1E00.jpeg


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The Hogenforst Rapid is also a “copy” of a Golding press, the Pearl. There were two versions of the Pearl, and it appears the Rapid is closer to the earlier version, the Pearl 3 7x11 size. Those are not really as strong as the Official from which the Stabil was copied - I have a later model Pearl Improved 7x11 and its platen hinge on the frame of the press has been broken and repaired sometime in the past from trying to do what you want to do - print deep impression on a larger sheet. The same fate awaits the Rapid if you try that on it. The Stabil may actually be the stronger of the two for that purpose, though it requires more of your arm to dent the paper that much. Are you dampening the paper slightly before printing? That can reduce the stress on the press to obtain the same result but you will have to be careful to avoid getting mold on the damp paper - there is an additive you can put in the water for dampening that will usually prevent the mold. Deep impression like that was a BIG “NO-NO” for earlier printers!


Hello Johanna, it all depends on how deep you want to go with your ‘deep letterpress’ and of course the area (surface) that you want to print. These presses were built for proper letterpress, that is to say ‘touch and kiss’ printing and not for deep letterpress printing. By putting too much pressure on your press, you risk damaging it or breaking it.
I don’t know what you find ‘expensive’, but here in Europe, you can pick up a treadle platen press for less money than in the USA.
You only have to do some good searching.
This is one of the heavier presses, that would be suitable for ‘deep letterpress’, price 950 €
and this one:
or this one:
Almost every week presses come up for sale on the website of Drukwerk in de Marge !

sorry, double post.
And I see in the photos that the chase has been welded…

Hi Bob, Thanks for your answer and advice. I think I have also come to the conclusion that the press is not suitable for my needs. Regarding dampening the paper, yes I have experimented with it and it does help, it’s an option for me if I will keep using the Stabil press.

Exactly, I know that it is a big “NO” in classic letterpess printing. Though today many clients are looking for that effect, something you can see and feel with your hands. I also personally think it’s extra beautiful :)

Kind regards

Hi Thomas, Thanks for your reply and good eye for seeing the welded chase! I think I have come to the conclusion that the press is not suitable for my needs.

I have actually been looking at Drukwerk in de Marge for some time and also made a “want” ad, and the presses people offered were too expensive for me, except the Rapid II I posted about here. It’s not easy finding the right press, but maybe I will have to start looking for something like the Victoria as you suggested. A friend of mine said there is a Rockstroh Viktoria press in the area where I live but needs new rollers. Is that the same press as in the link? I assume that also is a powerful press?

Kind regards