Help needed identifying the type of a large green press

Hello, I have a very large green press which I am keen to sell however it is in pieces and I have no idea what sort it is!! It has T C Thompson and son Ltd printers engineers Manchester written on it. If anyone would be able to help identify it that would be very much appreciated.

With thanks and best wishes.

image: two.jpeg


image: one.jpeg


image: three.jpeg


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The British Thompson, or Thompson-British Autoplaten was made in Manchester. Comparable to the Heidelberg platen, with some differences.
Some useful web pages:

Many thanks for your reply. I don’t think my machine is this big so after a bit of looking around I think it is the Gen 1. I am unable to upload photos. I have listed it on Ebay UK
for £350, parts/spares or repairs. Does that sound about right?