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Hello everyone! I have operated a Heidelberg Windmill for about 5 years at work and just bought one of my own. I’m very excited but the only problem is, I’m planning on putting it in my unheated, detached garage. Any other folks in the group run presses out of detached garages? I’ve got some concerns about humidity and temp changes, and I’m just looking to start a conversation with anyone who has done any renovation on a budget in a similar space. What do you think are the most necessary safeguards to put in place? I’ve got a dehumidifier running continuously and will be keeping paper stock in my house, but just looking for any helpful tips. Thanks in advance!

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I had a shop in an area that received snow and also 100 degree temps. An hvac heat pump was perfect. Before the heat pump, I was using a mr heater on a 5-gallon propane tank during winter time (with ventilation) and during hot summer days I would work early morning and late nights.

I’m in New Brunswick, Canada and in a two storey double garage that’s a good 100 years old. We get 30 degrees plus in the summer with constant high humidity and minus thirty degrees ( more and less) in the winter, also with a certain amount of humidity.

When I first set things up, I insulated and installed some baseboard electric heat. A few years later I installed a small hvac heat pump as mentioned above. That takes care of the humidity in summer and most of the cold in the winter, although the baseboard still comes in handy in severe cold when the heat pump is less efficient. My daughter’s cat lives out there, too, and he finds it quite comfortable as well.

From the UK, where we dont have swings in conditions quite like that, but even so I used to take my rollers - in their no contacts rack - indoors anyway. Long ago in the days of simple gelatine rollers aka ”compostion” it was heard of them being wrapped in flannel and kept at the foot of the bed! It is of course still possible to make these yourself,
providng you have tubes with the correct i.d. and can find some of the right grade of gelatine. Those I reckon you would have to keep indoors.

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