HELP! Any Good Techniques for Sorting through Briar Press Ads???

The Briar Press site is amazing!

But I’m having trouble sorting through the thousands of want ads to find things that I want to look at.

I want to be able to sort by DATE of the listing, and by LOCATION of the items being listed.

The want ads seem to sort with random dates, and I’m trying to find the latest ads first as the most viable to look at first. Any tips on how to have the ads sort by “latest listings first?

I also want to be able to sort by region for large heavy items like presses, because I’d rather pick them up in person than arrange for expensive shipping and the possibility that things will get broken in transit when shipped.

I’m on the West Coast, but many of the listings are for items in the mid-west and East Coast. I’m trying to eliminate looking at all the heavy pieces of equipment in areas where they’re too far away to get to.

I’ve tried sorting with the name of the State I’m in (CA or CALIFORNIA) with limited results. But I’m wondering if there are ways to narrow it down even further, like “NORTHERN CALIFORNIA” or maybe use zip codes.

Anyway, any and all tips to sorting by DATE or LOCATION would be greatly appreciated.

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Briarpress is running on some rather old software, so WYSIWYG :). The classifieds come out for me as most-recent first, but AFAIK there is not way to search for region.

That said, you can use google to search by putting “” in the search field. And I find that with the fairly low posting volume, skimming several months of adverts takes only a few minutes.