Asbern with broken cylinder carriage bearing

We have a Asbern Proof Press (similar to a Vandercook). We’ve discovered a broken part on the press – I think it’s called the cylinder carriage bearing.

I’ve attached a few photos below. We started searching for a broken part because the impression was uneven from the top to the bottom of a sheet, all the way along the press bed. Then we found two broken bearings underneath the press.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience replacing those parts? We can’t even get them off at this point.

image: Broken bearing with insides exposed

Broken bearing with insides exposed

image: Bearing is behind this bolt

Bearing is behind this bolt

image: Astern Proof Press

Astern Proof Press

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My guess without direct experience is that you will need to remove the entire impression cylinder carriage to remove and replace those bearings. The bearings look to be mounted on threaded studs, and to slide them out will require getting the bed structure they contact out of the way. When you remove the cylinder carriage be sure to mark the cylinder teeth that are in contact with the last teeth of the rack they engage so you can properly reinstall the carriage to retain the timing/synchronization.


As the Asbern is a press that was built in Europe (and quite different from the Vandercook presses) the ball bearings are most likely to be metric size. Undo the nut, see if with a spanner you can remove the axle from the side of the carriage.
You can find an extensive image bank here, on the website of Drukwerk in de Marge. I took pictures of all the presses that I’ve been working on over the last few years.
Good luck!