Glen Bauder obit

Glen Bauder passed January 13th. He was a former owner of Sonoma Engravers, in Vineburg, CA. My dad and I bought and sold several printing presses, and related items from/through him. He also was a full time paper salesman in the Bay Area.
My words here do not do him justice, he was a true gentlemen.
Updated obit with photos,

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Thank you posting this, and you are correct, a true gentleman—he will be greatly missed.
Rest in Peace Glen

I wonder if Glen ever finished his museum. He talked about setting up small shop sections from different eras of printing, and he had the variety of equipment to do it.
He was a long-time paper salesman for Unisource throughout Northern California, which is how he found so much equipment. But I seem to remember he had an early printing job at Mallette Dean’s press, very wine-oriented.
And as you say, a real gentleman.

parallel_imp, I don’t think he did. He took a tremendous loss from the Napa Earthquake in 2014, which destroyed much of his collection. But, next time I talk to Scott Bauder, I’ll ask him.