Chandler & Price Roller Stand C&P

I’m trying to find out if there are any other roller stands out there, I have never seen another one. It’s great for storing and wash ups.

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Photo 1

I wanted to share photos, but I tried several browsers and followed the instructions and nothing seems to work.

Do the rollers slot into a block and stand on end? I’ve seen something like that before a few times. I’ve also seen some form of blocking with V channels that held the roller core and allows it to spin in place for cleaning. Both versions I’ve considered making.

Photos would be nice to see. If you can’t load them, maybe have someone else try?


Photos: (heavy cast iron)

image: 3.jpg


image: 2.jpg


image: 1.jpg



Ok, never seen that before! That is really cool, and I’m quite jealous. I’ll have to look for one and see if I can find one. Very handy certainly. I’ve been planning to make a rack for mine, but something like that in a cabinet would work extremely well. Thanks for sharing!



I hope you can find one, you have some nice letterpress.
I’v been printing for 50 years and I have never seen another one. It does show up in an old C&P catalog. I believe the model no. is CY-1-806. I wonder if any other manufacturers offered one (Golding?).


image: 4.JPG


Back in late July of 2015 I posted pics and dimens. of
a roller rack I made for the form rollers of my windmill.
Post Title (logically enough)=Roller Rack

Should have stated that I realize we are talking about different
presses here; but pics might give you some ideas

I have gotten good use out of the rack for greasing the
bearings and for wash-up of the rollers.