Soy Inks

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in trying out some soy-based inks on my platen press. Does anyone have a supplier they use that is good? Van Son doesn’t seem to sell soy.

Thanks so much!
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I’ve used soy ink from and I’ve had great success! If you don’t have a gans location near you, I’m sure they can ship to you. They only sell by the 1 lb cans though, so if you’re a hobby printer it may take you a decade or 2 to get thru the can!
Good Luck!

Because cans of ink are sometimes too much of a good thing, I’ve been putting ink into 1/4-lb. tubes, which local hobby printers seem to like! I do have several colors of soy based inks for those who need it or want to try it out, and if there’s enough interest I’ll add more colors. E-mail me for more info (Ink(at) You may also want to check back to about 3 or 4 weeks ago for another thread on soy inks.


Hello Kathleen. If you go to Van Son’s website ( and click on Technical Support at the bottom, and then click on MSDS sheets, and then click on the type of ink you are interested in, it gives the ingredients in the ink. I didn’t click on all of them, but CML-Oil Base Plus and Rubber Base Plus have Soy or Soya listed.

I would also like to make the switch from pantone rubber based ink to soy based ink. When I spoke with a sales rep at Gans Ink, she said she didn’t think there would be a problem with me mixing the rubber base with soy. (I still have plenty rubber base to use up.) Has anyone tried this? Suggestions? Thanks.