Problem related to Water Roller

Hi All,
I have a problem on Press, the Rubber roller dipped in a Water (also called as PAN ROller) has been developing “Aliigator Skin” type structure. This develops over a period of 2 -3 months after installation. Though I have replaced my rollers many times nothing has helped me!! This problem keeps erupting! Due to this SKIN structure the water feed needs to be increased and hence the printing related problem aggrevates!!

Can some one help me!! Also to let you know, I clean the PAN rollers everyday before i start the press with Metering ROller Cleaner.!!

Please can some one help me!!

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Water roller? This is an offset press? (If so, this may not be the best place to look for a solution to your problem.) What brand of press? What are you using for fountain solution? Conventional ink? How strong a chemical is the Metering Roller Cleaner? Does your water roller normally run covered with ink? If so, what are you using to clean the ink off?

I’ve never run into this problem, but assuming the “alligator skin” develops slowly and keeps getting worse, I think it be would some chemical attacking the roller surface. If the roller is the same rubber as your ink rollers, it can’t be your cleanup solvent or it would affect them also. I doubt it could be your water unless you’re adding something very, very strong to the water. That leaves the “Metering Roller Cleaner” you’re using daily. Try using something else, perhaps isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to clean the roller.