Vandercook inking problems

I had a troublesome job this weekend, a booklet cover that is 17.5x8.75, with images about 4” from either end. Using Boxcar plates on boxcar base, but with plates in two locations: one toward the front of the press (ie, operator’s side) and one toward the back (away from operator). In between is white space. The inking was lovely at the front, but light at the back. Raising that back plate slightly with paper only caused obvious slur, but not a darker coloring. I have done jobs like this before, without a hitch, but not in a long time. Could this be caused by aging rollers? Some other issue? Thanks for any advice.

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Sorry; should have added that this is a Vandercook 215 (similar to the #4) with rollers that are about 5 years old.

Check your packing on the cylinder. I would not pad the base, ever. If I understood you correct by raising the back of the plate. You’ll do more harm. Unless your using type sometimes a small amount of thin tracing paper underneath the type will help raise the it to.918 when the type is not printing.

Check your roller height at the end of the bed to see if it’s inking at least 12pt on your type gauge. Check at the front also.

The packing on your cylinder under your tympan must be .040, check your cylinder for the packing depth, my #4 is .040.


Thanks for the response. Tried extra packing on the cylinder, but that increased pressure, not color saturation. How does one check roller height at the front of the bed? End checked out within normal limits. (ie, 1/8” or less on the roller gauge)

When your form rollers are over the front of the form that’s where you check.