Info search: AWT type height gauge

I have a type height gauge made by A.W.T. There is no other information, just AWT on th casting. I am assuming this is the American Wood Type company?

I was hoping that somebody could tell me a little about it. The dial on top reads “high low” and has numbers from 12 to -12. I was wondering how that scale was calibrated, and what units they were.

On a related note, how does one calibrate something like this? Is there anyone selling ANSI or NIST traceable calibration blocks?


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If you get a little cast metal type high gauge like the ones made by Challenge you can use it to set that old mechanical gauge you’ve got there. I have seen them a couple of times, but both were kind of out of whack. Try speaking to American Printing and Supply Co. for any info. They also used to own AWT, but it is really hard to tell how much old stuff they still have kicking around since they moved out of their Long Island City location a few years back.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY