C&P Pilot Press Inking Mechanism

Anyone have a photo of the inking mechanism for a C&P Pilot press. I’m trying to get the ratchet pawl that spins the ink platen to work. I have the ratchet/cam bolted up but cam that fits over the shaft below will not touch the ratchet mechanism on each revolution to make it spin the ink platen. If need be I can supply a photo of my press

Any info appreciated
Thanks, Randy

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Hi Randy,
The cam should point straight up when the handle is also pointing straight up. When you pull the handle the cam should move towards the back of the press, thus releasing the paw which will drop towards the front of the press. When you return the handle to the upright position the paw should catch the ratchet teeth on the bottom of the ink disk and move it.
Hope this is of help to you.
Dave Schwartz