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Hello, I have just purchased a 8x12 OS Chandler and Price. I am located in Australia but am looking at purchasing all my requirements from the states. I am thinking of using Boxcar press deep relief grid. As I am a complete beginner and have no idea about exactly what I should order, can anyone tell me is their any other additional equipment that I should buy from Boxcar press when ordering this base. This will save on shipping as its pricey to ship to Australia.

Also, since my press is a 8x12 should I order a 8x12 base? I don’t yet know what sizes I will be printing. Is it best to buy as big as possible to fit your chase?

Also any advise on what type of plates to order. I have seen that boxcar press has a couple of different varieties?


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If you are after everything else you’d need to start printing you will need a couple more sources than Boxcar. I would suggest talking to John Barrett at Letterpress things to see what you can find secondhand and then call NA Graphics to find the rest new and get a set of rollers.
For a list of things you might need see:
And for the NA Graphics site:

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Updated. Boxcar actually suggested to me the deep relief base with my C&P OS- it works just like I want it to. You need to be able to lock your base into your chase, so get something smaller than an 8x12, like a 6x9 (sorry, i had previously said not to get something smaller than an 8x12). They custom make other sizes, but it’s pricey and takes a while. Also, don’t forget that your gauge pins need space too so that they are not crushed by your base during the impression (it will damage both the base and the pins).

Hey there.

Give them a call!
Being in Aus also - if you call them after 11pm at night or before 7.30am you will definately get someone on the phone. You will get your answers a lot faster and I found everyone so very helpful. Everyone at boxcar couldn’t help me enough and Fritz at NA graphics has gone above and beyond by answering all my questions and he is sending me a parcel of goodies! (I am still waiting for its arrival) - good luck (calls were actually quite cheap too - even when I used my mobile!)