Trimming and scoring needed in NYC

HELP! I have printed about 500 cards and need them trimmed and scored. I would love some recommendations of reliable places to get this done. I also need about a week turnaround. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Updated. Julie -

I hope it’s okay to self-promote on Briar Press, and assuming that it is okay….

I do this sort of work all the time - from 10-10,000 pieces - and can turn around a short run like this in 48 hours once they arrive. I would do a short run like this on my 10x15 hand-fed C&P - or on my Heidelberg Windmill - for $50.

For a small package, the USPS flat rate box would cost $8.95 each way. UPS or Fed Ex is fine, too, but USPS seems to be the most practical shipping solution. And these days, a lot of my work is shipped in and shipped out in 24-48 hours

Or, if you’d lke to see how this is done in person, you could bring the job out to my shop in Frenchtown and watch it being done, then leave for home with a finished job. It should not take more than an hour. Plus, you would have a chance to visit and see a complete old-style (1930’s era) letterpress shop in operation.

Frenchtown is charming little town slightly over 1 hour from NYC and can be reached by bus as well (Trans Bridge Lines from P.A. bus terminal ~ $10 bus fare,) see:

And I think that there may be a few Briar Press members who might just have kind things to say about working with me.

Of course, there must be many printers within NYC who could do this for you, but a short trip out to the country to visit an old print shop where you can look around and watch the work being done (just right) - and ask questions could be pretty interesting, cost effective, and fun for you too…

- Alan Runfeldt
79 Kingwood Ave.
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
908 996-0849

Update: Sorry, I just got word that the bus rates I reported are out of date. The current round-trip bus fare is now $33.85 and the schedule has changed as well.

Thanks so much Alan! I will contact you once everything is printed so we can set up a time!

Alan do you have an email address where I can contact you?

Julie - Sure, but I prefer not to publish it online due to spam and phishing risks. You can always reach me through the ‘Contact Us” link at
It may take me a few days to respond, but I will respond just as soon as I can.