William Page Specimen Book

I’m trying to identify and find a complete specimen of an italic script wood type by Wm. Page, produced ca. 1892. It is a lovely font, shown partially in Rob Roy Kelly’s book. Does anyone know of any reprints of Wm. Page specimen books, or of any other source where I might find this font? Thank you.

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There isn’t a reprint available, but the New York Public Library has some originals of the Page specimen books in the research holdings. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with them. The problem is the wood type is so big that each font is represented only by a couple of well chosen words. You probably get more of the font in Rob Roy Kelly’s book.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Which Wm Page italic is that?
Are you looking at the words
“Old Bank” on page 159?

Kansas City

Dave Peat actually has produced a reprint of one of the Page catalogues, but I am not near my library right now so I can’t tell you the specific year of the original catalogue. I am sure that he still has copies available for sale. His e-mail address is [email protected], but if this doesn;t show up on my reply (because it is an e-mail address) you can call him at 317/357-6895 in Indianapolis. Dave’s reprint is a GREAT reference source.