How to contact a Briar Press member

The comment field in the forums do not generate email messages, so if you leave a personal message in a comment field, chances are that your message may not be seen by the person you wish to contact. But contacting Briar Press members is easy. Briar Press protects members from spam by keeping their email addresses private. Personal messages can be sent as follows:

  • In the Letterpress Classifieds, click on the ‘more’ link for the complete advertisement. At the bottom of the ad you will see a contact link with the username of the person who placed the ad.
  • In the Printer's Yellow Pages, while viewing an individual ad, click on the green ‘Send an email’ button. If no button exists, we do not have an email address on file.
  • In Discussion, click on the green name of an individual author. The profile page will appear. On the left under ‘Options’ you will see a contact link. This links to the contact form.

For more information about email security, see Email addresses and spam in Classifieds & forums.