Hammond Glider Saw

I need to purchase a blade for Hammond Glider Saw G-4B. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase one?



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try this FORUM link, you might luck out.


and more specifically, this stream:


and this distributor of Forrest blades (appears that sending an accurate scan of your old blade helps):


Good luck, let me know what you find. I have a cheaper model, the Ben Franklin which is not a ball bearing glider model but uses the same blades. At the moment my blade is still nice and sharp, the saw had been outfitted with a new blade before being stored these past 30 years, but I’d appreciate if you let me know where you eventually resolved your quest.

R Madillo


Thanks for the links!!!

I have some very old blades and I’m taking them to a blade sharpener to see if they can be rescued. I called a few places and they are about $12.00 a blade to re-sharpen.

If they can’t then I’ll try these links you submitted.

I’ll post what I find out.

Thanks again for the links, very helpful,

Can you post a picture of the blade next to a ruler? I have some blades that might fit your saw. They are NOS, from a print shop that shut down 25 years ago.

Hi, there must be a saw out there that would work for lead instead of a Hammond Glider saw or a Ben Franklin. Do you have any ideas? Thanks, Gene

NA Graphics sells carbide blades for the Hammond Glider.