What Size is this

Can you tell what size this C&P is by looking at this picture, Also is it missing some sort of wheel on the right side, they have been driving it with a leather strip on the fly wheel, didn’t seem right compared to the others I have seen

image: IMG_0194.jpg

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Updated. It looks like a 12x18 to me. Measure the inside of the chase laying on the feed table. It is missing the drive pulley from the right side. It would have been a little less than half the diameter of the flyheel and an inch or more wider. The original pulley belt drive is probably better, but until you you can locate one and reorganize the motor and mounting, there is nothing wrong with using it as is, with the caveat that since the belt is closer to you by +-12-16” you need to be very careful with loose clothing, aprons and the like.

Thank you. Now does any one know where do I locate an original pulley and wheel for that side?

Sorry one more ?. Is it possible to install one of those foot Treadles on a 12x18, or would I just end up with one leg bigger from all the pushing?

I sure wouldn’t want to treadle a 12x18. And I’m a real fan of treadles. I believe that you also have to pump the treadle more often on the larger presses. My 8x12 needs to be kicked 4 times for each impression. The 12x18 If I’m remembering correctly, would need 6.

That said, it is possible. But you need to make sure you have the eccentric shaft on the press. There’ll be no treadling with a straight shaft.

As to one leg ending up larger than the other…well just learn to switch legs on the fly. It’s not really that hard.