Rubber Stamps

Not really letterpress related, but thought maybe someone here would have some good info on where to list a huge lot of rubber stamp making supplies for sale. This lot includes hundreds wood stamp bases of all sizes(some cut, some in long lengths), rubber sheets, stamp handles, name and address self-inking forms, ink pads, stamp making machine, all kinds of stuff.

Any one know where this can be listed for sale as a lot? Local Craigslist hasn’t worked. I’m not rubber stamp savvy, so can anyone recommend a website, a publication or forum? Thanks.

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Call American Rubber Stamp in Waterbury Connecituct.

(203) 755-1135

Ask for Mr. Leutini, the owner. I doubt he’ll be interested but he may know of dealers or preserves that want some of it.

Ebay. Stampin’ Up is the new Tupperware. I’m suprised CraigsList didn’t work for you.