Somebody got a very good deal …

Check this out …

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Yes, I was watching this thing on Sunday morning. Thinking it would come in closer to the estimate, I hadn’t registered. The winning bidder was on the floor (live auction) with no serious phone competion so it is possible the bidding could have gone much higher had the phone bidders been more committed.

For darn sure I’d never use that auction house for for my printing gear nor my books. It is a Book auction house so perhaps they were out of their depth. Running any low-opening auction for a client without a reserve calls their competence into question.
They may have had a good reason….and they’d better have it ready when they hand the consigner $250—minus his sellers premium.

Looks like a Stansbury toggle. There’s a fine Bob Oldham article in an old issue of the Journal of Early American Industries on this mechanism and the presses it was used on. It shows up on Ebay now and then.

I hope it was a hand-press geek that got that Acorn rather than one of those compulsive hoarder/warehousers who rarely use or share their finds with the rest of us.

Anybody have a line on who got it?