Reception Menus and Diecutting

I am interested in making ~200 7” to 8” round menus for a wedding reception.

Is there a source for precut round stock or would it be best to diecut this on my 12x18 C&P? If so, should I diecut after printing or diecut and then print to assure the best registration?

Has anyone worked with Ozark Country Dies in Springfield, MO? I am not far from there so it would be a good fit if he has a good track record. Thanks!

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Waste Not paper/Paper Source has some circlular stock that may work for you. We’ve used their Luxe line and been fairly pleased with it.

I’ve seen some nice, heavyweight cotton pieces like this lately, but don’t know where the stock is from. I’m also keeping my eye out. I also use the Luxe line for some things, but would personally prefer something heavier for menu stock. I’m glad bsherman3 asked the question!

For registration purposes, we always print first, then die cut. This method will also keep your paper options open to anything, instead of the few choices available as precut circles.