Proper Introduction

Welp… . . I’ve been poking around here for a couple of weeks so I guess it’s time for a proper introduction.

I go by Lammy, on the internet and everywhere else. My personal web site/server is, though I don’t keep it up to date. I’m currently heading the prepress department for a printing company in Connecticut. 20 years ago in school our first task was to hand set a business card for ourselves, proof it on the proof press then run it on a hand press. I became the wiz kid that did all the work on the motorized Challenge 10 x12 press, ran the duplicators unsupervised and was the first in the shop to try out Pagemaker on the brand new Mac Color II. I get giddy when the SM-74 is running at 13Khr, dream about old cylinder presses and bleed magenta.

so onto the eye candy… .

The shop I work at is going on 100 years and still has a fair amount of letterpress equipment around as well as two “old guys” to make it all work. Let’s start with the iron.

The big boy, 1957 Heidelburg KS Cylinder press. I believe it’s 19 x 25
Next is an ATF Little Giant cylinder press.
And finally the Golding #8.
there’s the supporting members too, such as the stone.
California 48 drawer job case
and finally the little slug and galley cases

I’m lucky to work for great owners that have given me free reign to use whatever I need as I want. They even went as far as to let me bring some items home for my own press.
Type case with fonts and goodies.
Furniture cabinet.
Supplies and tools.
here’s my chases and quoins and some other items that came with the press.
and finally my little letterpress.
From what I know if it, it was bought new in the early 70s, used a couple of time and left to gather dust and be moved around. The rollers are in OK shape, I’m hoping with use the oils will get back into the rubber and swell them up a little. To major tears or cracks though, just a low spot or two. I’m told the gentleman that bought this new always bought the top of the line. As such it seems this press has the auto ejector option on it. Though the casting is broken now.
I’m hoping to take it to a machine shop and see if they can machine a replacement arm. There seems like there’s more to it missing as well, but I’ve got no manual so I can’t tell. I’ve not had a lot of success finding anything more about it than what’s here on either. I did ink it up and press a few sheets and it’ll do just fine with a little tlc I think. Since I’ve gotten it I’ve been loosing auctions left and right on ebay for things. My pockets just aren’t deep enough yet. I’m fortunate to have a local engraver that will make cuts any time I need at a decent price though.

My big goal now is to get christmas cards printed on it!!!

oh and register a press name ;)

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Nice Hohner. I know someone that has two of these presses and they are of top quality. I’ll see if I can get a scan of a manual for you.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

That would be greatly appreciated. Some photos of how the boards are mounted and the auto eject mechanism would be much appreciated as well.