I’m interested in all the ways that people store there fonts. I’m interested in making my own case if someone knows were I can find plans. I would buy one, but new ones are so expensive and used cases even on ebay are so expensive just for one drawer.

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Hi, Here’s a great link for bazillions of type case layouts:

very informative but it doesnt give any measurements

As a cabinetmaker, if I wanted to make my own cases I’d purchase one to at least get the dimensions or more likely take it apart to use the pieces as patterns to make jigs and/or machine setups do a production run of as many as needed.


Yes, I suppose measurements would be helpful to you!

I would recommend finding a local print shop and seeing if they will let you take some measurements of an actual case. Or perhaps an eBay listing would at least provide some of the basic measurements of a case up for auction…..Good luck!

What do you call expensive? I have a big stack down here in Little Rock that I’d sell for $5 each. Dave Churchman in Indianapolis used to sell ‘em for $10 each but probably has gone up on that price. Look somewhere else besids eBay.

This site has a ton of old case layouts with some measurements.

JH -

Like John and Dave, I too, have a LOT of job cases I do not need for my shop. Although I have not organized them in any way at this time, I have a variety of styles of wooden and wood/metal cases with many different layouts. I would like to sell them for $10 each - or more for special layouts or some which are indeed ‘like new’. In any case, $5,$10, even $25 is a LOT less ‘cost’ than the labor required to build type cases from scratch…


The only person I know who can really build a good type case these days is Ed Thompson, the last real type case builder - of Thompson Cabinet Co. Thompson Co. was Hamilton’s only serious competitor and built just about all of the cases sold by Kelsey over the years. He has the templates, the wood, the factory and the experience to build proper type cases - and does still produce some now and then. I would not suggest that anyone try to build their own type cases by hand when Ed builds new ones (admittedly pricey, but worth it) and guys like John and Dave and myself have so many just sitting around waiting for someone to take them off of our hands.

http://www.thompsoncabinet.com/ - in any case, Ed would be the last living authority on this subject.

David Bolton’s report on type cases (linked to in prior messages) is likely the most extensive ever attempted by anyone anywhere and has more information about type cases than anyone would ever need - or could digest…

And, about dimensions - they vary. Until 1900 or so - and until Hamilton & Thompson were the last two manufacturers (whose cases are interchangeable), type cases were made by many companies in a variety of dimensions beyond the basic ‘full, 3/4 and 2/3- sizes most of us are familiar with. I have cases that will not fit in any of my cabinets. In fact, I have one 2/3 - layout case that is a full 2” smaller than the normal 2/3 case.

In any case, I’d suggest that you rescue some of our old cases rather than put so much effort into manufacturing reproductions while so many are sitting around our shops unused and available at reasonable prices…

Updated. Alen

Im interested in purchasing some drawers from you. I need 5, and would like them to be all the same. So that once im used to the design I will be able to zip right through a job. I guess what ever you have that is the most common so in the future if I need more it wont be hard to fine. PM me

Thank you all for your time